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100k Strategy A blog that highlights the beautiful scenery within and outside Cagayan de Oro.

36 Weeks After My son's journey to the real world.

 The Average Jane The Average Jane is anything and everything under the sun. Its a blog that aims to share information about anything people may find interesting, whether it be fashion, food, hobbies, etc.
 American Idol American idol guide

 Blogaholic Mom I heart blogging

 Brown Pinay This blog is a personal space wherein my views are mine alone. A haven wherein I can pour my heart out. I just like to write an account of my opinions, my inspirations, a journal of my activities and even my frustration in life

 Blogger's Nook A general blog but focuses much on the thoughts and perceptions of the blogger

Celebrity Diary Celebrity, beauty, fashion, and make up

Chromatic Note Notes of our lives

 The Coffee Chic This blog contains the thoughts, stories, experiences and emotions of The Coffee Chic.

 Chika Bits "Chika" means "Talk" I like babbling about: offbeat, entertaining, funny stuff, the hottest celebrity news, movies, tv shows & music, women's interests & issues like beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle & romance, and my favorite things online: coolest internet contests and giveaways.

 CosmoGirl.ME CosmoGirl.ME talks about being sophisticated in all aspects – living life to the fullest, making the best out of it and more.

 Corbitoness Corbitoness is a personal blog of a mommy documenting her adventures with motherhood, being a wife and learning new things with her little girl.

 Dadedidodu All about being a Dad!

 Deliciously Spicy Moments A personal blog of a working mom.

 Ey to Zee: Easy A-Z Craft Ideas Easy A-Z Arts and Crafts Ideas: Showcases the different arts and crafts especially made by the author, her faves and craft ideas resources, eco-friendly ideas, and a lot more...... from A-Z.

 Eileen's Cooking Adventure It is a food blog of my cooking and eating adventures.

 Earning Online Moolah A tale on earning online moolah of a young blogger.

 FREE Travels And Tours  “FREE Travels And Tours talks about the Free Travels And Tours of a young travel blogger”.

 Female Scentsation This is an account of my journey with my hubby... A relationship blog that seeks to inspire, and share my thoughts and experiences as newly wed couple.

 The Grace Catcher A girl who loves fashion, cars, makeup, beauty and everything else.

 The Good Health "There are a lot of things to learn about how to achieve good health in everyday life. This blog aims to share bits and pieces of information through articles and videos which may be helpful and relevant to everyone's healthy living.

 Happy Thoughts Life Life, Live Happy

 Handy Reviews Handy reviews on everything that matters

 Hawaiian Cruise Your online resource to hawaiian cruises.

Hobbies and Everything a blog about my thoughts, hobbies and just everything.

 It's All About Life Beauty, make up, fashion, and more

 iam_kbc A blog of a stay at home mom who's a frugal fashionista and an avid thrifter. Believes you can be fashionable without breaking your budget.

 JanzCrystalz Handcrafts handmade jewelries made from the heart


 Life Ascending A one stop friendly blog that discusses anything: money making, blogging tips and tricks, life's lesson, and anything in between - it's a journey to richness and wellness.

 Live The GREEN Life Today Tips and Facts on how to Live the Green Life Today.

Late Bloomer Blog A personal blog of a late bloomer girl featuring her discoveries with beauty, fashion and embracing the joys of being a woman.

Life’s Concealed Details A photoblog that showcase my perspective, my imagination.

 Mommy Diary Not your average mommy's diary

 More than I can Chew A blog where in can share all the food I ate; the places I've been; and diary of my life.

Music and Melodies This is my music and entertainment (related to music) blog.

My Online Journeys A personal blog that chronicles my journey in the not-so-intricate world called the Internet. A mixed bag where I share anything and everything that comes to mind.

 My Point of View A blog about my opinions, views, rants, beliefs, my perspective in life and even rants....

 Me In Wonderland Me in Wonderland is a personal and travel blog. It includes reminiscing about old places and dreaming about new ones.

 Maid of Honor Dress Your online guide to choosing your maid of honor dress.

 Mrs Shoppiness Online Shopping, Events and Movie blog online diary where I share my experiences as a wife and mother, my travels, food trips, recipes, memories, and anything under the sun

MommyandMatt A mom's stories after leaving the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom.

Mundane Things A personal blog of a mommy who's juggling household chores, baby sitting, ghost writing and everything else.
 My Kimcheed Life A blog about life in Zamboanga, my family, work, interests, worries, and what-nots. It's basically where I talk about anything, everything and nothing!

 MTG - Make Things Great Life is about perspective. This blog tackles about tales of experiences, music, games, sports, magic and my life.


 Of Limes and Lemons A blog that shares my thoughts and experiences everyday-as a woman, mom, wife and everything else in between plus my growing fascination in joining online contests.

 Ours Funarena A blog that talks about loads of fun, about news and humorous interpretations of news events, about sports particularly cricket, about humor and articles and lots more! A blog that brings you into a homely atmosphere with Indian hospitality warmth and openness! Come and have fun!

 Pinoy Life Crumpylicious Blog documents Kurt and Stacy's journey through their mid-20's, as they are soul-searching for what they want in life. Hoping that they will remember as much as they can of their simple life.

 Pinoy Chismoso The Latest Gossips about the Hottest Pinoy Celebrities on your Local Television! Pinoy Chismoso Live!

 Pink Spree Personal journal
 Pink Cigars This blog doesn't invite people to smoke nor to drink wine with no moderation, but to get people aware on how cigars and wines do to oneself.


 Restaurant Reviews Tsinoy Foodies is a pinoy food blog that aims to make a spark and rekindle the passion of other foodies. It is a foodie community where foodies can share the tasting pleasures of their food exploration and adventures.

 Sweety Paula Life is as sweet as I make it!

 Stay at Home Wife and Mother The life, musings and chatterings of a stay at home wife and mother

 Sweet Life Stream The journal of a stay-at-home mom of 2 kids. My youngest son is a special child and I hope to inspire a lot of moms by sharing my thoughts and experiences about the rough yet colorful road of motherhood.

 Seo and blogging Discovering and Exploring the online world starting with SEO and Blogging

 Spices of My Life It's about the author’s day to day experiences that makes her life deliciously spicy.

 Sissy's Pastime Sisters virtual pastime talks about life, journey, pastime, family, and everything in between

 SublimeWanderer An online journal of a frustrated race car driver and chef.

 This is My Life being a wife, mother and being my own self

 Textmates Ko One stop blog for texters who want tagalog quotes, tagalog pickup lines, greetings, and anything and everything about text messaging.

 Tottering Mama The Tottering Mama writes about she copes with raising two toddlers, running the household and working at home all at the same time. She is attempting to homeschool her two toddlers and also loves to share their activities during PLAYhouse preSCHOOL.

 That's Life Life thoughts, hits, and misses.



 What's Hot Manila Everything that's hot in Manila

 WAHM sa Pinas Work at home mom in the Philippines



Zykies Kiddie blog

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