Monday, October 17, 2011

Warm My Heart

Today I just check my email, a mail warming my heart:
Happy Birthday Seow wei !

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around
 the sun. Enjoy the trip."

                                                                                - scrapbooks gone digital!
Thank you, scrapbooksgonedigital, and also my friend leaving the comment at facebook.
I bought my first digital scrapbooks kit, "Dare to Dream Bundle" is fully glitter pink, you will love it too, now I am going to download first, and I will use it for my next digiscrap, see you in my next post, thank you for staying with me, I will share "Dare to dream bundle" with you.

Happy Birthday

Today 16th october is my birthday, and it will be soon become my past, let me sing
the "Happy Birthday" song to myself,...... happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...... happy birthday to me, thanks you, if you sing with me. 
Oh, let me talk about yesterday, after I had my breakfast with my daughter, so what we eat? We eat chocolate brownie cake, raisin bun and chicken fross bun with a cup of white coffee for me, then I decide to go to JUSCO, I bought an icecream cake from baskin robin, when I come back home, my icecream cake turn into like this, please see the below photo I take, thanks.
My icecream cake is melting.
Yesterday's weather was so good, sunshine, with blue sky and cloud, this is the photo I took.
Blue sky
The staff of baskin robin gave my daughter a halloween balloon, my daughter very love it, she keep playing the balloon.
Playing balloon happily
Now it's my dinner time, my husband come back from work, so we eat together at outside, we go to CARREFOUR, a restaurant "STAR ROCK", we settle our dinner there. I order a glass of strawberry milk shake and pan-fried marinated fish fillet.
strawberry milk shake

Pan-fried marinated fish fillet
This is my birthday stories, the end.

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