Saturday, October 15, 2011

BirthDay Coming

My birthday is coming, a few more days, tomorrow I will go to buy my cake for myself, I still don't know what to choose, what I want to eat, tiramisu cake, fruit cake??? 
I love coffee very much, so normally I will choose tiramisu cake for myself, but I want to share my cake with my daughter, so tiramisu will not be my choice for this time. Oh......, may be I can choose cheese cake, or ice cream cake??? 
Tomorrow my husband working, and also my birthday that day, he also working, so sad. 
Never mind, I have my daughter, tomorrow I will go for shopping with my little princess, another question is where should I go??? 
A few choices for me, JUSCO? TESCO? GIANT? CARREFOUR?
I will update in my next post.

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