Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Project, First Challenge.

Last two weeks, I'm been busy with GIMP software, I'm learning how to use this software to create my digital scrapbook. At first, I felt very down, because I do not know how to start it, so I had to search through the internet to look up where got some one showing me how to use this GIMP software to create my digital scrapbook. Finally I found it, that's
So, lastly I create my digital scrapbook with using's  September's Club Kit Challenge. Here is my digital scrapbook:


Rovie said...

hi wei... bella is fine now... thanks for asking.

I think for a first timer, you really did a good job here... keep it up! I am also hoping to start digital scrapbooking soon... I think it is interesting...

WeiWei said...

Thanks rovie, I also want to try their October Challenge, but I have not download the october challenge kit yet.

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