Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sit In Seiza Style

Do you sit in seiza style or japanese style? First, I really don't realize that my daughter sit like this, after that I saw her when she was watching her favorite channel, she sat like japanese style, she just 2 years and four months old. Do your kids sitting like japanese style? And when?

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Al said...

I sit English-style, in a chair! I've never learned to be comfortable otherwise.

Sharon Martin Beck Valley Books said...

Hi thanks for popping over to our weekend gathering hops, now following you via gfc and new linky follower, hoping you can follow us back at xx

Jen said...

I sit like this and I've never noticed. You have such a cute blog! following you from beauty brite blog hop. :)

come say hi when you have the chance!

Life Ramblings said...

not my kind of style. i prefer sitting comfortably on the chair.

Tito Eric said...

That's the way I'd sit when I used to meditate since I cannot do the Lotus position. I need a chaiir or couch to be comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I like it and I must try!
Thank you!

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